The Sentinel Group
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What is IFTP?

The IFTP is a collegial fellowship of Christian servant leaders providing oversight and operational support for existing and emerging regional transformation networks. Operating in 30 geopolitical zones across the globe, the IFTP assists communities in discovering the pathway to genuine revival and societal transformation. The primary purpose of this highly relational fellowship is to bear witness to the world of the glorious fruit of God’s transforming presence and to highlight the principles that summon it.

The IFTP is banded together by its members’ commitment to Jesus Christ and the Word of God, their common history, and the IFTP definitions and values document. This defining document was developed by the core leadership of the Fellowship and approved by all 56 international delegations present at the IFTP Jakarta 2005 meeting.

IFTP General Structure

The congruent circle diagram illustrates the various levels of the IFTP service structure. 

At the core of this concentric design is the IFTP Facilitation Team. This busy support crew is itself comprised of two elements: first, a seven-member Servant’s Council that serves in two capacities, Process Facilitators  and Conceptual Counselors, providing functional guidance for the fellowship; and second, The Sentinel Group, a paraclete (or “come-alongside”) ministry which facilitates communication and serves as a resource  workshop. 

At the conclusion of the 2006 Global Summit in Fiji, George Otis, Jr. was selected by unanimous vote from representatives of 45 countries, to serve as the Chairman of the IFTP Servant’s Council.   The Transformation Associates and the Transformational Advocates occupy the next ring in the IFTP service structure.

The Transformation Associates are individuals hailing from many nations and representing the fellowship’s most experienced and articulate ambassadors. 

Their primary role is to provide leadership mentoring in four IFTP training zones (North America & the Caribbean, Europe & Africa, Asia & the Pacific, and Latin America). Each associate is qualified to render instruction in one or more of the primary transformational disciplines: General Principles, Healing the Land, Healing the Church, and Healing the Society. 

The two dozen or so associates gather once a year for the purpose of assessing progress, opportunities and obstacles within the transformation movement. They also use this time to record lecture material, coordinate training schedules, and evaluate new associates. 

The Transformation Advocates are the “regional gate keepers” (leaders of local intergraded networks, organizational and ministry facilitators). With a transformation-focused orientation they mobilize the local body in developing efforts and strategies for corporate prayer, unity, reconciliation, compassion projects and other ways to prepare the way of the Lord into their communities and cities. 

Although the Servants’ Council, The Sentinel Group, and the Transformation Associates/Advocates are focused principally on the needs of the IFTP, this does not equate to a closed system. The fellowship is itself a support entity. It serves as a kind of professional association for hundreds of transformation-minded churches, ministries, companies and movements throughout the world. 

The Spiritual Mapping and Research Unit is comprised of ministry leaders with a vast experience in research in the local, state or national level for specifics areas of the world. Working in partnership with missionary agencies, churches, and government officials they can present a real evaluation of the current spiritual state of communities and cities. They work closely with the research department of The Sentinel Group feeding information to GLEAM (Global Evidence Assessment Matrix). 

The Transformation Partners are churches, Christian networks, organizations and ministries from around the globe. These partners are the frontline task force with a specific calling and involvement in their local communities, cities and countries. They assist the IFTP in different levels, always working for the proliferation of the vision for Presence-Based revival that brings transformation. 

By inspiring and educating these frontline partners, the IFTP is able to impact thousands of needy communities.