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Many Christians talk longingly about revival, but then get lost in the fog of doubt and uncertainty. They grieve over the condition of their community, but can’t seem to find the pathway to genuine change. They suspect that God is concerned about their plight, but are conflicted over his apparent reluctance to intervene. Even though ministry programs abound, their lives and communities remain strangely unaffected. They feel like they aren’t making a difference.

Perhaps you have discovered these longings and frustrations in your own heart. You want to experience the transforming power of God in your community, but are unsure if there is anything you can do to bring this blessed condition about.     THERE IS!!

The Journey to Transformation is a principle-based training and mentoring process developed by The Sentinel Group that helps revival-hungry communities prepare for spiritual awakening.

The teaching is a distillation of 15 years of observational research in scores of transformed locations around the world.

The starting point is a 15-hour weekend seminar known as the Beginner’s Course. This entry-level training sets forth the core considerations that a community must reflect on before starting their journey. The course is divided into four modules:

1. The Need for Transforming Revival
2. Defining Transforming Revival
3. Preparing for Transforming Revival
4. The Cost of Transforming Revival

JTT Training Phases:

The Journey to Transformation training curriculum is divided into three distinct and successive phases:

The Beginner's Course ---

A 15-hour Beginners’ Course where attendees are inspired to consider the possibility of change, presented with the general principles, and encouraged to count the cost of continuing. For more information on the Beginner's Course, click here.

The Community Course ---

Those who determine they want to move forward are then taken into what we call the Community Course. It is DVD based, and lasts for about 12 weeks. It is a facilitated process that takes place right in the community itself (led by local leaders we will train in the Facilitator’s Course). The express purpose of the Community Course is to position the community for a divine visitation.

The Expansion Course ---

Once this visitation occurs, we then take the group through a third phase called the Expansion Course. The focus here is to learn how to maintain and expand the victories God brings during the time of visitation. This means applying His kingdom principles and wisdom to every sphere of society.

Torchlight School Facilitators’ Training

– a certified course enabling you to coordinate and lead your community in a school defining the principles of transformation.

Facilitators in the Torchlight School on The Journey to Transformation will expose participants from their own community to the fundamental principles of transforming revival. They will not deliver the teaching personally (this is handled by our international faculty via DVD); however, this seminar training will enable facilitators to effectively guide participants through the discussions, decision-making, and spiritual transactions that will enable them to apply the principles of transformation.

This four-day, dynamic intensive will insure that facilitators are familiar with the emphasis points in the JTT curriculum, and are equipped and confident in their role as discussion leaders and process facilitators.

Desired Attributes for a Torchlight Facilitator:
  • sensitivity to the Holy Spirit
  • enthusiastic support for the goal of transformation
  • empathetic classroom demeanor
  • humility and self-control in dealing with people
  • strong communication skills
  • confident leadership style

Upcoming Beginner's Course Events: 

May 10-12, 2012 - Walton, NY
New Hope Community Church
45 Stockton Ave.
Walton, NY 13856

Denise Jackson
[email protected]
Cost $95
Scholarship funds are available as needed. Please inquire.
(Includes Student Note Guide, CD of entire teaching, plus bonus CD.)

Thurs. registration: 5:30-6:30 pm
Thurs. Conference: 6:30-9:30 pm
Fri.: 6:30-9:30 pm
Sat. 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Catch the Vision of the
Journey to Transformation

For more information, or to inquire about hosting a JTT Beginner's Course in your community contact us at [email protected]
or call 1(800) 668-5657 ext 2 or 360-805-2989 ext 2

What others are saying ...

The JTT Beginner’s Course challenged me to my core.
  Mike May – Pipeline Church

This is what we desperately need here… and what we are now working to have.
  Dick Snider – Sedona, Arizona

The information was so provocative that there are many, including myself, who are willing to lay down our lives to continue in this journey to transformation.
  Rev. Natanael Estrada – Iglesia Westchase

The Beginner’s Course was one of the most challenging classes I have ever taken.
  Sally Broskay – Sugar Creek Baptist

We experienced a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit that brought many tears and a marvelous expression of worship.
  Tony Tripi – Houston, Texas

The course leaders were well prepared and provided excellent follow up.
  Bruce Vinkemulder – Greenway, Texas